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Thoughts on divorce from those who have been there

In any stressful endeavor we take, support is important. There are support groups for just about anything, and that’s pretty awesome. The same goes for divorce. Although it may not be an easy thing to talk about, most of us know someone close to us that has been through it. If we ever start considering filing for divorce, we often have many (perhaps even too many) people around us willing to give us advice and insight.

A recent article reached out to the masses to find out what things a lot of people don’t understand about divorce. Some of the comments they shared may help you through the divorce process or at least make you feel like you are not alone.

One commenter pointed out that divorce is extremely emotional, calling it an “emotional roller coaster of epic proportion.” It can often feel like a death in the family. One woman explained it well, saying “It represents the end of something that started out with so much promise and hope and it’s painful when that hope dies.” It’s not surprising then than everyone grieves in their own way throughout the process. Keeping your judgment of how a person grieves at bay is always a good idea.

Another person pointed out that divorce often becomes the only option. “No one goes into a marriage intending for it to end in divorce,” she points out. Sometimes no matter how hard you work on your marriage, it does not stay afloat. In many instances, one person is doing all the work. In those cases, no matter how hard you try, one person cannot keep the marriage going.

Finally, it’s important to remember that divorce “isn’t a dirty word.” It’s something that should be discussed and should not be treated as a secret. Seeking support throughout the process, whether from family, friends or a lawyer, can help ease the divorce process.

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