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Florida couple finally granted a divorce

The Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling in June not only affected those same-sex couples who wanted to get married, but also those who wanted to get divorced. We have heard of plenty of cases across the country like this: a same-sex couple married in a state where same-sex marriage was legal and then moved to live in a state where same-sex marriage was not allowed. At some point during their marriage, they decided to divorce, only to find out that the state they moved to would not allow their divorce because it did not recognize their marriage.

This exact situation happened to a couple who moved to Florida after getting married in Massachusetts in 2010. The two have been separated since 2013, but their divorce case was dismissed by a judge in Florida in 2014.

Due to the June ruling, the couple finally got their wish. The women's attorneys got an email from the judge recently stating that she had vacated her 2014 order that dismissed the divorce case. The divorce and a legal name change for one of the women have now been granted. Both individuals released statements that expressed frustration but also some relief that the divorce was finally granted. The two women reportedly used the collaborative divorce process in order to agree on all issues related to their split.

One of the women expressed that "an uncontested divorce between a man and a woman in Florida can be resolved in as little as a month," and then said "...yet, because my former spouse and I are both women, my divorce has taken more than a year to be granted and has unnecessarily disrupted my life and that of my family members."

Divorce laws are continuously changing and evolving in Florida and across the country. A lawyer's experience and knowledge of current laws can be extremely helpful throughout the divorce process.

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