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Divorce may bring plenty of life lessons

No matter how tough things get sometimes, it always seems that there is a bright side to every situation. Divorce may be one such situation. It's one of those decisions that is exceedingly hard to make and even harder to go through, but is often done because of the potential for a better, happier and brighter future.

In a recent Huffington Post article, a woman explained the different positive changes she experienced due to her divorce. Her story might resonate with some of our readers. It may also give hope and encouragement to those that are only starting to contemplate divorce.

The woman said after divorce she finally found herself again. She signed up for a dating website and while writing her profile realized that she didn't really have many interesting things to say about herself. She realized that she needed to learn what really makes her happy and learn to pursue those things.

Finding herself also helped her understand relationships better. With the help of a therapist, she was able to learn what was truly important to her and what she would not tolerate. She also realized that you should never get into a relationship expecting the other person to change.

The woman said she also learned that she wasn't crazy and that the 'normal' she knew wasn't normal at all. For a long time in her relationship, her spouse made her feel like she was crazy for feeling what she was feeling. Because she was used to abuse, when she finally got into a healthy relationship, she couldn't believe the new 'normal.' Finally, she also learned that every situation has its tipping point. It's that point when you realized you made the right decision. Some of our readers may already be at that point while others are still contemplating the decision.

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