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Detailed parenting plans can be extremely helpful (PART 2)

In our last post we discussed some essentials that need to be part of your parenting plan. These essentials will help keep fighting at a minimum and help set expectations for each parent. If you worry that your ex might fight you on the smallest of issues, it is important to have a very thorough parenting plan in place. Besides the essentials, there are also some other issues that could be covered in the parenting plan.

For example, the parenting plan could discuss things like dietary requirements, sleeping arrangements and preferred discipline methods as they pertain to the child. It could also discuss how a parent will communicate with their son or daughter when the child is at the other parent's home. It might also be important to add guidelines about how the parents will communicate with each other, especially if there is a lot of potential for fighting.

Other issues to cover may be topics such as curfews, piercings, use of social media and the Internet, vaccinations, cell phone use and acceptable movies to watch. Finally, it may also be important to discuss specific participation in activities, such as sporting events, school plays or church activities.

Although some of these may seem really detailed, touching on these issues now may actually be extremely beneficial. It may definitely take a lot of discussion and disagreement now to reach these guidelines, but it may be better to have it outlined on paper now than to do it on your own later in life.

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