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July 2015 Archives

Avoid these common divorce mistakes (PART 1)

The divorce process is very individual and different for anyone who has ever been through it. No matter how prepared you may be, it's not uncommon to make mistakes throughout the process. A recent Huffington Post article sought insight from different individuals as to the different mistakes people make during the divorce process.

Divorce may bring plenty of life lessons

No matter how tough things get sometimes, it always seems that there is a bright side to every situation. Divorce may be one such situation. It's one of those decisions that is exceedingly hard to make and even harder to go through, but is often done because of the potential for a better, happier and brighter future.

Shelton and Lambert announce divorce

Likely shocking many country music fans, a couple who once sang about love in a duet before getting married have announced they are divorcing. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have been married for four years, but a judge is reportedly expected to end their union today.

Florida judge says man is not competent enough to seek divorce

An interesting and complicated divorce case is playing out in Florida and may serve as a strong example of why it's important to have a solid prenuptial agreement in place. It involves an 87-year-old man who supposedly wants to get divorced from his wife of 15 years. Interestingly enough, although he has asked for a divorce, the court recently ruled that he was not able to pass the basic competency test in order to get one. On top of that, the court ruled that there does not appear to be any credible evidence that the marriage was "irretrievably broken."

Florida couple finally granted a divorce

The Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling in June not only affected those same-sex couples who wanted to get married, but also those who wanted to get divorced. We have heard of plenty of cases across the country like this: a same-sex couple married in a state where same-sex marriage was legal and then moved to live in a state where same-sex marriage was not allowed. At some point during their marriage, they decided to divorce, only to find out that the state they moved to would not allow their divorce because it did not recognize their marriage.

Detailed parenting plans can be extremely helpful (PART 2)

In our last post we discussed some essentials that need to be part of your parenting plan. These essentials will help keep fighting at a minimum and help set expectations for each parent. If you worry that your ex might fight you on the smallest of issues, it is important to have a very thorough parenting plan in place. Besides the essentials, there are also some other issues that could be covered in the parenting plan.

Detailed parenting plans can be extremely helpful (PART 1)

Parenting plans are hard enough to put together between two married parents, but doing so can be extremely challenging in a divorce situation. Even more so if the parents are not on good terms. But that in itself is a top reason to have a well-written parenting plan; it can keep feuding at a minimum and set up specific guidelines for issues like visitation, communication and transportation as they relate to a child.

Understand how divorce can affect your retirement accounts

If you have been following the state of divorce in recent years, you may have noticed that so-called ‘gray’ divorces are on the rise. Baby boomers and seniors are making the decision to split, often after decades of marriage. In this kind of divorce, there are very specific challenges that couples often have to face. One thing that these divorces may not include is child custody, since the children of these couples are often into adulthood already.

Thoughts on divorce from those who have been there

In any stressful endeavor we take, support is important. There are support groups for just about anything, and that’s pretty awesome. The same goes for divorce. Although it may not be an easy thing to talk about, most of us know someone close to us that has been through it. If we ever start considering filing for divorce, we often have many (perhaps even too many) people around us willing to give us advice and insight.

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