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I'm not happy with the family court's ruling -- can I appeal?

You've been going through divorce proceedings for the better part of a year now and things are finally starting to reach an end. You are both anxious and relieved that the judge will be making his or her final decision in your case. There are several possible outcomes, but you are hopeful that the judgment will lean your way.

Finally, the judge rules, and it couldn't be further from what you wanted or expected. You feel crushed and confused. You wonder if anything can be done. Throughout the years, many divorcees have faced this reality in Florida. So is it possible to appeal a court's decision? The simple answer is yes. But unfortunately, it may not be an easy case to prove unless there was some error of law or a judge abused his or her discretion in some way.

Basically, a divorcee has the right to appeal a ruling within 30 days of when the decision was made in family court. According to the Florida Bar, the court does not reverse a judge's decision very often in these kinds of cases because judges have a lot of discretion in family court. So basically, if you are not happy with the decision the judge made, it might be unlikely that the ruling will be changed.

If you feel a judge made an incorrect ruling, it can be beneficial to work with your attorney in order to seek an appeal. While the threshold for successfully appealing a family court decision is high, it doesn't mean it's impossible.

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