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Flay and March fight over prenuptial agreement

We often hear a lot about celebrity divorces. Some of these couples are remarkably amicable while others fight it out from beginning to end. Recently, it was reported that famed Chef Bobby Flay and his wife, actress Stephanie March, separated. It seems they have already started off on a sour note.

According to a news report, Flay sent March $5,000 for support. The couple's prenuptial agreement apparently says if the couple splits, March would be receiving $5,000 per month. March returned the check and her legal team issues a letter calling the prenuptial agreement unenforceable and "reprehensible."

Accusations have come from both sides as well. Apparently March and Flay have accused each other of infidelity. Rumors of Flay's indiscretions with various women have apparently surfaced before.

March lawyer's say the chef has stopped credit cards that are used for everyday expenses. Flay is apparently also trying to get March to sign a joint press release that says their divorce was amicable. If she doesn't agree to the prenuptial agreement terms, then she can't "stay in their apartment with her ill mother," sources say.

Flay filed for divorce in April. The two have been married for 10 years.

As this case shows, a prenuptial agreement is not necessarily set in stone. In some circumstances the terms of the agreement could be successfully challenged. It's important to work with an attorney in order to draft an agreement that works for both parties. It is usually wise to draft a prenup long before the wedding occurs.

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