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How do your stocks stack up after divorce?

There are many pieces in the asset division puzzle. And just like that 5,000-piece puzzle you've been working on, when you lose even one piece, it can be very frustrating. When couples are entangled in a high-asset divorce, the role of legal representation can really help put the mind at ease. A lawyer can be the person who keeps all your pieces on the table.

One of those pieces may be your investment portfolio. While your portfolio may be complete and working for you now, it may lose its effectiveness if parts of it are divided in the divorce. Once the split occurs, you may need to ask yourself some questions.

First, how have things changed? Evaluating your needs based on how your life has changed can help you figure out what to invest in. Perhaps some of the investments that your ex took are ones that weren't working for you anyway. In that case, you may decide you do not want to reinvest in the same funds.

That leads us to the second question: If I had to buy the same stocks I had before the divorce, would I do it? It's good to look at the reasons you picked the investments you did back when you purchased them. Are those reasons just as important to you today as they were back then?

Another issue to consider is whether the portfolio is doing what you want it to do. Is the portfolio diversified and balanced? Is it something you can live with?

Lastly, if you plan to buy new funds, then you should consider what funds will help you diversify your portfolio. It might be helpful to go through the whole selection process in order to compare the funds you have now to other options.

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