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What life events can cause couples to consider divorce? (PART 2)

In our last post we started a discussion about certain life events that can push couples toward divorce. Besides job loss and having a child, another event that can have a huge impact is when one spouse becomes ill. Sadly, statistics show that when a wife gets sick with a serious illness, the divorce rate became 6 percent higher. The rate did not increase when the husband was the ill person in the relationship.

Another event that can have a huge effect on marital stability is trauma. When spouses suffer the loss of a child or a death in the family, it can either bring them closer together or push them apart. Sometimes, in order for someone to heal, they have to “let go” of anyone who reminds them of the painful experience.

Infidelity is another circumstance that can put pressure on a marriage, though it is not as high on the list as many may think. Some people are able to work through infidelity by using it as a starting point to get treatment. On the other hand, some may see it as the final straw or a deal breaker.

Yet another event that can lead to divorce is becoming empty-nesters. Divorce lawyers are seeing people that are 50 and older divorcing more and more. Couples may lose their connection after years of raising children and taking care of family responsibilities.

Lastly, living apart can put a strain on a marriage, especially when a spouse is in the military. Research has shown that the risk of divorce is directly related to how long the spouse is deployed.

As we have seen here, divorce can be brought on by many different factors in life. Some of these are truly hard to overcome, with divorce being the best option for all involved.

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