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Actress ordered to pay $7,000 per month in alimony

In this post we continue our discussion on the importance of prenuptial agreements. While they are especially important for those with large assets, they can be useful for just about any couple. Let's take a look at another example of a divorce where a prenuptial agreement could have been helpful. Although it was not reported in the news article whether or not the two actually had a prenup, considering the fighting and final alimony ruling in the divorce, one could assume that they either did not have one or it did not have stipulations regarding alimony.

The case is that of actress Tasha Smith and her ex-husband Keith Douglas. The ex-couple's divorce has made numerous headlines due to its ugly nature. According to reports, both individuals have filed restraining orders and accused each other of having an affair.

Although Smith has already been forced to pay her ex-husband $50,000 last year, Smith has now been ordered to pay Douglas $7,000 per month in spousal support. The judge apparently deemed her as being more "financially stable" than Douglas. In exchange, Douglas will have to give Smith the family Mercedes.

When a lot of money is at stake in a divorce, it is easy to understand why a prenuptial agreement can be extremely important. Trying to make post-split decisions about finances often means involving a lot of negative emotions. If these issues are discussed between two individuals before they marry, the decisions can potentially be made in a levelheaded and loving manner.

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