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April 2015 Archives

Does the new alimony reform bill have legs? (PART 1)

Alimony reform has been a hot-button issue in our state for the last several years and that trend is unlikely to change perhaps until a change is made. Two years ago Gov. Rick Scott vetoed an alimony reform bill that would have brought significant changes, which would have been applied from that point on as well as retroactively. The retroactive portion of the bill may have been a large sticking point for many.

New Facebook message: you've been served

Most people have likely heard that in recent times social media has played a role in shaping the future of marriage and divorce. Being able to meet new people online has led some spouses to start affairs. Posts and messages made via social media have also been showing up in divorce proceedings as part of evidence.

Actress ordered to pay $7,000 per month in alimony

In this post we continue our discussion on the importance of prenuptial agreements. While they are especially important for those with large assets, they can be useful for just about any couple. Let's take a look at another example of a divorce where a prenuptial agreement could have been helpful. Although it was not reported in the news article whether or not the two actually had a prenup, considering the fighting and final alimony ruling in the divorce, one could assume that they either did not have one or it did not have stipulations regarding alimony.

Golf pro splits from wife after less than three years of marriage

Whether a marriage was short or lasted decades, filing for divorce can be an extremely hard decision. Although it may seem like someone who was only married a few years should have an easier go at it, it may actually be harder to let go because they have higher hopes for a happily ever after.

What life events can cause couples to consider divorce? (PART 2)

In our last post we started a discussion about certain life events that can push couples toward divorce. Besides job loss and having a child, another event that can have a huge impact is when one spouse becomes ill. Sadly, statistics show that when a wife gets sick with a serious illness, the divorce rate became 6 percent higher. The rate did not increase when the husband was the ill person in the relationship.

Amicable parents can help children cope with divorce

Our readers may often worry that divorce will hurt their children, but that's not exactly the case. It's not the divorce itself that can hurt your children, but more so how you handle the divorce and how you act after the divorce is final. The wonderful part about this statement is that the effect that the divorce has on the children is, for the most part, in the hands of the parents.

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