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Is your marriage showing signs of an impending divorce? PART 2

In today's post we continue our discussion about issues within a marriage that may point to a looming divorce. Another issue that presents a big risk for a marriage is a lack of trust, especially when distrust is not warranted. The marriage counselor who discussed these issues in the article we mentioned in our last post says when a marriage involves "obsessive jealousy," it may be beyond repair unless the individuals are willing to work through these issues. Jealousy can inevitably cause a "self-fulfilling prophecy" situation because the emotion may ultimately push the other spouse away.

Another situation in which a marriage may be headed for divorce is if the couple experiences a tragedy. For example, if the two people have lost a child, the tragic event may bring out emotions such as guilt, shame and blame that could lead to the end of their marriage.

Marriages that are often chaotic and ruled by dysfunction may also meet their end eventually. The marriage counselor described the example of a couple who grew up amid dysfunction during childhood. They carried what they learned from their parents into the marriage, which ultimately led to more dysfunction.

Finally, if the two individuals keep holding on to the indiscretions of the past, the marriage may not be able to survive. These issues will often come up in every fight if a spouse is not willing to forgive and forget.

In the end, the relationship may be covered with a veil of contempt that is nearly impossible to lift. Although staying together may feel like the best outcome, if that is not an option in the end, divorce can be the answer to a happier future.

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