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Is your marriage showing signs of an impending divorce? PART 1

When someone is contemplating divorce, they are ultimately looking for a change for the better. Although divorce has often been described as one of the most difficult events in a person's life, many will ultimately say that it was worth it in the long run.

Of course most, if not all, couples want to stay together until death do they part, so it's understandable that the decision to split may take a lot of thought. Some couples do everything they can, including marriage counseling, in order to save their marriage. But in the end, counseling may actually reveal that their marriage is beyond repair.

In a recent article, a marriage counselor discussed the types of marital issues that very often cause a marriage to end. One common scenario that often means the marriage is irreparable is when the spouses act more like business partners than lovers. In these relationships, sexual contact is a thing of the past and the lives of each person are filled with hobbies, kids' activities and work obligations. The two may not fight, but they also rarely deeply interact. This type of lifestyle eventually leads to the couple growing apart.

Another situation that very often leads to divorce is when the two people have very different goals and values. There are many couples in the world that may have differing ideas about important issues, but if these ideas are extremely different, it can lead to continuous fighting and stress.

In our next post we will continue discussing the types of marital issues that may signal a divorce is on the horizon.

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