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How to handle frustrating child custody issues (PART 2)

Child custody disputes are some of the most frustrating ones when it comes to divorce because they involve the innocent lives of children. Although the best resolution to these issues may be to have a direct discussion with your child’s other parent, this may not always be a workable solution. In many instances, parents have had to turn to the court system in order to reach a resolution.

In our last post we started discussing different types of child custody disputes that may arise between parents. While the issues we already mentioned may be more black and white, there are definitely some issues that fall into a gray area where a court may not be able to fully help. For example, if you are not happy with the setup that your child’s other parent has at his or her home, there may not be much a court can do about it. Although a judge may require your ex to have reasonable items at home in order to take care of a young child, a parent is usually not legally obligated to do so.

Another frustrating issue that may arise when parents have joint legal and physical custody is when one parent is not pulling their weight. The responsibilities of shopping, laundry and daily planning may fall on the plate of one parent, making the situation very frustrating. Again, the best course of action is to discuss your concerns with the parent directly. After that, it may be a good idea to send the ex a certified letter in the mail that lists parental duties and asks the parent to help out. Beyond that, a lawyer may be able to help you bring the issue in front of a judge.

Although a lot of child custody issues may be frustrating, it’s important to remember that child custody and child support are not tied together. This means you should never stop paying child support just because there is a child custody issue between you and the other parent. This type of action can actually backfire for the paying parent.

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