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Forget some of what you’ve heard about divorce

A lot of the things we hear about marriage and divorce often come from those around us, such as close friends and family members that have been there and done that. But just like with any topic, just because we hear the same basic themes time and time again, doesn’t mean they are necessarily based on actual facts.

In this post we will tackle some of these misconceptions in order to really understand the true nature of divorce.

One of the most common things we often hear is that divorce means your marriage failed. The longevity of a marriage (or lack thereof) does not equate to a marriage succeeding or failing. Sometimes both individuals did everything right, but the marriage still ended in divorce.

Another common misconception is that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. The numbers are a lot more complicated than that. The truth of the matter is that divorce rates have actually dropped during the last 20 years. The current rates really depend on when a couple got married. For those that got married in the 1980s, the divorce rate is nearing 50 percent. But for those who married in the 1990s, it sits at 35 percent. It’s even lower for those that married in the 2000s. A little less than 15 percent of those marriages have ended in divorce.

On top of that, a second marriage is not necessarily more likely to end in divorce. Statistically this may be true, but there are many different options that couples are now considering in order to keep their marriage alive, such as “living apart together,’ where couples choose to be together but live in separate homes.

We will continue this discussion in our next post.

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