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March 2015 Archives

Take time to unwind and unplug during divorce

Divorce can undoubtedly be one of the most stressful events that a person may experience. Not only are you forced to deal with an extreme change in circumstances, but most people are also flooded with similar emotions to that of experiencing the death of a loved one.

Forget some of what you’ve heard about divorce (PART 2)

In our last post we began a discussion on common divorce misconceptions. Yet another misconception that often keeps people from seeking divorce is the idea that divorce is harmful to children. While a divorce may be stressful for a child, it is not necessarily harmful. Research shows that children thrive in peaceful and stable environments. This means the level of “harm” really has to do with how the parents interact with their children and each other as opposed to whether or not they are actually married.

Forget some of what you’ve heard about divorce

A lot of the things we hear about marriage and divorce often come from those around us, such as close friends and family members that have been there and done that. But just like with any topic, just because we hear the same basic themes time and time again, doesn’t mean they are necessarily based on actual facts.

How to handle frustrating child custody issues (PART 2)

Child custody disputes are some of the most frustrating ones when it comes to divorce because they involve the innocent lives of children. Although the best resolution to these issues may be to have a direct discussion with your child’s other parent, this may not always be a workable solution. In many instances, parents have had to turn to the court system in order to reach a resolution.

How to handle frustrating child custody issues (PART 1)

One of the most difficult parts of divorce has to do with child custody. Not only is it difficult to have to split time with your child between you and your ex, but the issues surrounding custody and visitation will continue until your child is at least 18.

Is your career negatively impacting your relationship? PART 2

In our last post we started a discussion about how a career may impact your relationship. Specifically, we looked at the health care field. In general, although many may think that doctors have high divorce rates, that does not seem to be the case. So what careers have a reputation for putting a strain on a relationship?

Is your career negatively impacting your relationship? PART 1

Anyone who has ever gone through divorce can tell you that there are many different issues in life that can lead to the end of a marriage. One in particular that comes into play a lot is a person's career. It can determine the amount of money that comes into the home and also the amount of time that a spouse spends away from the family home. Both of these issues can really put a strain on a relationship.

Is your marriage showing signs of an impending divorce? PART 2

In today's post we continue our discussion about issues within a marriage that may point to a looming divorce. Another issue that presents a big risk for a marriage is a lack of trust, especially when distrust is not warranted. The marriage counselor who discussed these issues in the article we mentioned in our last post says when a marriage involves "obsessive jealousy," it may be beyond repair unless the individuals are willing to work through these issues. Jealousy can inevitably cause a "self-fulfilling prophecy" situation because the emotion may ultimately push the other spouse away.

Is your marriage showing signs of an impending divorce? PART 1

When someone is contemplating divorce, they are ultimately looking for a change for the better. Although divorce has often been described as one of the most difficult events in a person's life, many will ultimately say that it was worth it in the long run.

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