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How can I keep costs down during divorce? (PART 1)

In general, divorce is a very emotional process because, on a very basic level, it's the end of a once-loving relationship. While these emotions can definitely take over during a divorce, it is best to remember that divorce is in large part a financial transaction. The more you let your emotions flood the process, the more expensive the process may get. While some may think that putting their all into the fight is for "the principle of the matter," many lawyers will remind you that putting your future financial wellbeing ahead of your principles may be a wiser choice.

So how does someone keep a divorce from getting extremely expensive? First, it's important to understand just how expensive a divorce can get when both sides cannot agree. Take, for example, a case involving a man who refused to pay alimony to his wife after 20 years of marriage. The wife earned 40 percent less than her husband, but that didn't stop the husband from trying to not pay spousal support. After fighting for more than one year, the case went to trial and the woman was awarded permanent alimony. But in the end, the total legal cost of the divorce was $300,000.

This all could have been avoided if the couple considered some key tips as they navigated their divorce. If these tips, which we will discuss in our next post, are followed, a divorce could even (in some cases) be finalized at a cost of several thousand dollars versus a possible $15,000 or $20,000, or even more.

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