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February 2015 Archives

Why should someone consider having a prenup?

One of the best things about life for a lot of people is the idea of romance and finding love. It's something very different than the technicalities of work and daily responsibilities and something that brings hope to a lot of people. Of course, then, it makes sense that thinking about the financial issues that may surround a future marriage may be the last thing on the mind of a person freshly in love.

In some situations divorce is the right choice

When those around you find out that you have decided to divorce, to them it may seem like a drastic decision. But in all likelihood, it wasn’t at all. Coming to the decision of filing for divorce can often take years if not decades of contemplation. A lot of people go through cycles where one day they are fed up and want a divorce and the next day they are hopeful that things will get better.

How can I keep costs down during divorce? (PART 2)

In this post we continue our discussion of keeping costs down when going through divorce. A big part of that equation is to keep emotions under control when navigating child custody issues. For example, fighting over very small issues, such as specific pickup times, can make the divorce fees rack up very quickly. The same goes for not being flexible. If spouses fight over the smallest things, such as minimal payments for children, they will end up spending more money in legal fees than they would have on the actual issue that they are fighting over.

How can I keep costs down during divorce? (PART 1)

In general, divorce is a very emotional process because, on a very basic level, it's the end of a once-loving relationship. While these emotions can definitely take over during a divorce, it is best to remember that divorce is in large part a financial transaction. The more you let your emotions flood the process, the more expensive the process may get. While some may think that putting their all into the fight is for "the principle of the matter," many lawyers will remind you that putting your future financial wellbeing ahead of your principles may be a wiser choice.

Are stepfamilies the new norm? (PART 1)

The process of divorce ends with one distinct result: two single adults. For many of these adults, the continued hope is that they will someday remarry or at least find love again. If those adults have children, their new spouses will become stepparents, which can be a very challenging role to take on.

What can I use child support payments for?

Every state has specific guidelines and laws that regulate child custody. During a divorce, the courts can determine the amount of child support that a parent may have to pay. Both parents may wonder about the actual use of those funds - are there specific things that child support money is allowed to be used for?

Should we stay together for the kids?

Divorce can undoubtedly be put in a bad light from time to time, especially when people use terms like "broken home" when describing a family split up by divorce. One psychologist considers the term very dated and says brokenness should not be based on whether parents are married but on what is actually going on in the home.

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