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Know your divorce courtroom etiquette

One of the scariest parts of divorce for some Florida individuals is the actual courtroom process. In many cases, individuals will have to show up in a courtroom to discuss the case at least once. For this reason, we've compiled a handful of tips to follow when you are in the courtroom.

First, make sure you are organized. Although your lawyer will be there by your side, do not solely rely on him or her to have all your documentation. Make sure that you have copies of all relevant documents and that they are organized and easy to find if they are ever needed.

Respect is a big issue in the courtroom. Make sure you address the judge respectfully by saying "Your Honor." If you happen to not agree with the judge, saying something like "with all due respect your honor" is a good idea. It is also respectful to address all attorneys by saying "sir" or "ma'am" when answering questions.

Following the same line of reasoning, it is important to be mature in the courtroom. Make sure you are not on your cell phone or distracted in other ways. Keep childish remarks and facial expressions at bay. These kinds of actions can only hurt you. On top of that, keep your emotions in check. While divorce is an emotional process, it is best to keep those emotions under control during the whole process.

Finally, consider how you plan to dress. You do not have to dress in your finest suit, but it is important that you dress conservatively. For women specifically, it is important to tone down sex appeal and anything that might come off as provocative.

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