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Fathers fight gender bias in child custody disputes

Although the face of child custody is slowly changing over time, there are still many examples of gender bias in Florida and throughout the country. When we discuss gender bias we mean the presumption that a mother is in some way better suited to take care of a child (and therefore should have more time with that child).  Not to say that this is not true in some divorce cases, but the hope is that some day it will be standard that these types of biases don’t play into the child custody decision.

A recent news article detailed the struggles of several men fighting for child custody. One man described his situation: the mother of his 6-year-old son moved to Florida from another state and the father was not able to see him for three months. Not to mention, he didn’t even know where he was. 

“Just because they birthed them and carried them for that nine months and think they’re the ones that are supposed to nourish them and take care of them, the dads can do that too,” the father said.

Another father has reportedly been fighting for custody of his son for more than a decade. He has had to file a lot of documentation on his own and has had to fight discrimination by the courts and domestic violence accusations.

Experts say statistics show that a child who does not have a father in his or her life is more susceptible to being a victim of abuse. The child may also have cognitive impairments as a result of not having their father in their life.

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