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January 2015 Archives

Can infidelity play a role in divorce proceedings?

When it comes to divorce, there is a never-ending list of reasons why a couple might decide to split. It could be that they slowly drifted apart or that financial stressors got the best of them. One very prominent reason that leads many to seek divorce is infidelity. Not only can infidelity be heartbreaking in a relationship due to the loss of trust, but it can also lead to a very tumultuous divorce. The spouse that got cheated on may feel as though he or she wants to get back at the cheating spouse and therefore tries to battle it out in court. So it makes sense that a lot of people wonder whether or not infidelity can really play a part in divorce proceedings.

One of the toughest decisions may be well worth it (PART 1)

Some decisions in life can be made quickly - where to eat out tonight, which TV show to binge-watch over the weekend or which brand of dish soap to buy. These are the types of decisions that we make every day without giving them much thought. But divorce falls into a whole different category of decision-making. It usually belongs in a category that also includes buying a house, deciding whether to have another child or making a career change. It is seldom done hastily. While some people may be able to decide within a few months, especially if an event such as adultery occurred in the marriage, many people drag out the decision for years or even decades.

Know your divorce courtroom etiquette

One of the scariest parts of divorce for some Florida individuals is the actual courtroom process. In many cases, individuals will have to show up in a courtroom to discuss the case at least once. For this reason, we've compiled a handful of tips to follow when you are in the courtroom.

Judge signs off on Jenner divorce

It is hard to turn on any television channel or read any magazine these days without seeing a story about the Kardashian clan and their latest antics. This family is of course headed by Bruce and Kris Jenner, who announced their separation late last year. The two have apparently been officially separated since June of last year, according to documents.

Fathers fight gender bias in child custody disputes

Although the face of child custody is slowly changing over time, there are still many examples of gender bias in Florida and throughout the country. When we discuss gender bias we mean the presumption that a mother is in some way better suited to take care of a child (and therefore should have more time with that child).  Not to say that this is not true in some divorce cases, but the hope is that some day it will be standard that these types of biases don’t play into the child custody decision.

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