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November 2014 Archives

Keeping the peace during divorce (PART 1)

Most people expect their divorce to be anything but peaceful. It makes sense, since many marriages fall apart due to an inability to communicate or get along for a variety of reasons. But just because your marriage was filled with turmoil, doesn't necessarily mean your divorce has to go down the same mucky path.

Ricki Lake accused of fraud related to prenup

We have discussed prenuptial agreements a lot on this blog. They are definitely a powerful tool when it comes to setting expectations before Florida couples get married. But what happens if one spouse tries to invalidate the agreement during divorce?

Child custody issues are not as scary as some may think

Although most people seek out divorce in hopes of having a brighter and happier future, the actual process of divorcing can make your stomach turn. For a lot of divorcees, the most difficult part of the split has to do with child custody. The thought of having less time with a child can often keep a person from divorcing for months or even years.

Actor's efforts pay off in child custody battle

It has been a long and difficult road to parenthood for one well-known actor, but he has finally come out on top. Some of our readers may have been following the case of Jason Patric, known for his role in The Lost Boys, among many others.

When to put your foot down during divorce

Many different types of people file for divorce. Some are extremely empathetic and even too kind, while others know how to put their foot down or are even downright narcissistic. If you fall into the first category, it’s important to remember that no matter how kind you are, you need to protect yourself during the divorce process by learning when to say “no.”

Study looks at possible predictors of divorce

Last week we discussed a recent study that looked at the probability of divorce as it relates to the cost of a couple’s wedding and the cost of their engagement ring. This week we continue to discuss the findings that came out of that study, which looked at 3,000 married couples in the United States. Besides the price of the wedding and ring, the study also looked at the couple’s religious attendance, wedding attendance and income, among other things.

Man claims his 20-year marriage isn't valid

You and your spouse have brought three children into the world and have spent the last 20 years as husband and wife. Somewhere along the way, one or both of you starts to contemplate divorce. Then, at the 20-year mark, one of you decides to file for divorce. This seems like a very typical scenario as far as divorces go. It's the exact scenario that one millionaire and his wife are living out. But there is one exception: the husband is claiming they were never legally married.

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