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August 2014 Archives

How you act during and after divorce is a choice (PART 2)

In our last post we started a discussion about how your actions during a divorce can affect you and your children. Those kids of yours are always watching, whether you want to believe it or not, so how you act will affect them - either negatively or positively.

How you act during and after divorce is a choice (PART 1)

Divorce, much like many things in life, is a choice. And for most people, it is a rather difficult one to make. Sadly, some people still think that divorce is a quick copout to typical marriage woes, or a way to get a fresh start without really trying. But once a person actually has to make this tough decision for themselves, the true reality of the matter is often far different. As one therapist pointed out in a recent article, most caring and thoughtful people consider divorce long and hard before they actually decide to split.

Who should get a prenuptial agreement?

The common misconception continues to be that only the rich need a prenuptial agreement. But it's important to look at it from a different perspective. While a millionaire's fortunes may seem extremely important to safeguard, they may be just as important as the $70,000 you worked hard to save for the last 20 years.

New school year may bring challenges for divorced parents

It’s almost back to school time for thousands of Florida children. For some, this may be the first year they attend school as a child of divorce. Thankfully, with some prior planning and coordination, parents can help children cope with the changes that come with divorce during the school year.

Duchovny to pay $40K monthly in alimony after divorce

Divorces are happening every day in Florida and across the country, but once in a while one will be significant enough to make the news. In those cases, it is usually someone famous, and with fame usually comes fortune. That’s why it is no surprise that the most fascinating part of these high-asset divorces is often of the financial variety. These couples often have loaded bank accounts and numerous assets. It may get even more complicated if the marriage lasted a long time.

Florida has the highest filing fee in the country

A recent report from shows one of the many reasons that some people are hesitant to get a divorce in Florida: cost. In order to initiate the divorce proceedings in our state, Floridians will pay $409. That is the most expensive filing fee in the nation. Right behind us is Minnesota at $402 and California at $395. It may not seem that bad until you hear that the filing fee in Mississippi is $52.

How will alimony be paid in Florida?

In our last post we discussed the basics of alimony in Florida. Most people want to know if they will receive alimony or will have to pay it. Now that you understand the various factors a court may take into consideration when determining alimony, you may be interested to know that alimony is not a one-size-fits all situation.

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