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Grab your computer and do this before divorce (PART 1)

For as long as divorce has existed, it has had one simple goal: help separate those who no longer want to be married. But in a way, that's the only thing that has really stayed the same. Divorce law is ever-changing and the face of divorce has changed from year to year as well. This especially happened when the Internet came along. With it came the ability to do business and banking online, to communicate with people from almost anywhere in the world, and the ability to digitalize so many different parts of our life. And as we have seen, all these things can now make divorce that much more complicated.

 So what can a Florida resident do in terms of their digital presence when it comes to divorce? Let's discuss a few steps you can take to make sure your Internet life does not hinder your divorce.

First, consider your social media profile. Most people have one nowadays. According to a recent study, 11 percent of couples actually share a joint social media profile. If this is you, it’s time to create your own account with a password that cannot be guessed.

If you already have your own account, make sure you haven’t posted something there that could be used against you in a divorce. You may choose to block your spouse from seeing your profile, but if your children have an account, your ex may get the opportunity to sneak a peek through their account at what you are sharing. Be very diligent about keeping anything that could be used against you off your profile.

For any spouses that share any other services, such as Netflix or Amazon accounts, it’s important to separate these as well.

In our next post we will continue this discussion.

Source: Fox News, “Divorcing? 5 things to do online now,” Kim Komando, July 7, 2014

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