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Divorce to include trial for famed documentary director

In our last post we discussed the fact that some people in Florida and across the United States try to hide assets during a divorce. This kind of behavior often stems from a spouse feeling that the division of all actual assets would be unfair to them. In some cases, these kinds of disagreements can be worked out with the help of lawyers and may lead to a settlement. In other cases, though, the divorce will have to make its way into the courtroom.

That's the next step for Michael Moore, a famed director known for his controversial documentaries and books. The celebrity is divorcing his wife of 23 years and is set to present witnesses at a trial next month. The trial will apparently determine how the couple's millions of dollars in assets will be split.

A recent news report says two agents that have worked with Moore can testify regarding how much Moore earns and also about an expensive mansion the couple owns. The issue with this home, which Moore claims his soon-to-be-ex independently wasted their marital assets to buy, is that it goes against his reputation as a supporter of Occupy Wall Street. Moore will reportedly present how he has been damaged by that purchase with various exhibits, such as a handful of news stories from 2011 that mocked Moore for buying the expensive home.

The divorce could prove to be quite bitter considering reports that Moore is asking for a list and photographs of all of his wife’s quilts and also wants disclosure as to whether his wife used a private investigator to track him.

Source: New York Post, “Michael Moore, in bitter divorce, brings in Ari Emanuel,” Richard Johnson, June 6, 2014 

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