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Divorce does not have to mean your marriage failed

Divorce can bring a number of emotions, from sadness to anger and maybe eventually to happiness. Everyone copes with divorce differently, but there are likely many people who have at one time either felt like their marriage was a failure or they themselves were a failure because the union didn’t work.

It’s easy to fall into that frame of mind, but it may be more beneficial to not view your marriage as something to regret. When you really take the time to ponder it, you may realize that the marriage brought a lot of good into your life, even though it is coming to an end.

First off, the marriage likely had a lot of good times. Those are moments to be cherished. There may have been a lot of firsts that the two of you experienced, like having your first child or buying your first home. At the same time, the bad moments in the marriage helped you learn your strengths and weaknesses. They also helped you see the pros and cons of your spouse, which ultimately helped you learn more about the relationship as a whole.

Most any divorced parent with children would say they would do it all over again just because the relationship ultimately led to the birth of their children. The children would not have entered their life without the relationship running its course.

Finally, a marriage and subsequent divorce helps each individual grow in their ability to understand themselves and in their ability to forgive. Although a divorce for most people is very emotionally trying, people still make the choice to part ways in the hopes of a happier and brighter future.

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Reasons My ‘Failed Marriage’ Was Anything But A Failure,” Sophie Rosen, June 1, 2014

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