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Could a stressful marriage lead to depression?

There's no doubt that marriage can be good for your health, but the true reality is that this is probably mostly true only when a marriage is going well. One would imagine that the stress of a bad marriage might have the opposite effect, and recently researchers proved just that.

Florida readers may be interested to learn that a recently published study shows being in a difficult marriage may make a person my susceptible to depression. Now that may seem like common sense, but the findings are still very valuable for anyone who is considering divorce. Some individuals may be in a stressful marriage but still not fully convinced that a split would be beneficial. The findings of this study may be something to consider, especially if you have children. Marital stress may not only impact you in the moment, but could also be detrimental to your emotional health.

The study looked at 116 cohabiting or married adults over the span of 11 years. The individuals were initially asked to fill out a questionnaire related to marital stress, and were also analyzed for signs of depression. A similar assessment was done nine years later.

Finally, two years after that, the individuals went through an “emotional response test.” This involved looking at a lot of images on a computer screen while researchers tested their emotional response. That final test showed that those who experienced chronic stress while married had a harder time responding to the images that were positive. This, according to the researchers, is an indicator of depression.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Stressful Marriages Linked To Depression In New Study,” Taryn Hillin, April 28, 2014

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