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June 2014 Archives

Single and ready to mingle: dating after divorce (PART 1)

On this blog we often talk about issues that Florida residents should consider before the divorce or during the divorce. But once in a while, it’s important to consider issues that will come up when all is said and done. The whole purpose of divorce for many people is to start fresh and to possibly find love again sometime in the future. The problem for some newly divorced people is that they haven’t dated in years or maybe even decades. With that said, we have some tips that might help you get back into the dating world.

Divorce does not have to mean your marriage failed

Divorce can bring a number of emotions, from sadness to anger and maybe eventually to happiness. Everyone copes with divorce differently, but there are likely many people who have at one time either felt like their marriage was a failure or they themselves were a failure because the union didn’t work.

Florida court hears divorced couple's case over custody of ashes

When someone in considers filing for divorce, it is recommended that they start compiling financial paperwork that could aid in the divorce process. That individual will likely start to consider what assets may be split up, including bank accounts, cars, a home, and furniture. While some of these things may be pretty typical in any divorce, every couple will have some unique assets that will have to be split up as well.

Divorce to include trial for famed documentary director

In our last post we discussed the fact that some people in Florida and across the United States try to hide assets during a divorce. This kind of behavior often stems from a spouse feeling that the division of all actual assets would be unfair to them. In some cases, these kinds of disagreements can be worked out with the help of lawyers and may lead to a settlement. In other cases, though, the divorce will have to make its way into the courtroom.

Could electronic currency play a role in property division?

Although child custody is often seen as one of the hardest parts of divorce, most Florida divorcees would agree that property division is no cakewalk either. In essence, the things you have and the assets you have worked for are being split up. This can be extreme hard on the pocketbook. With that said, it may come as no surprise that some ex-spouses will try to hide their assets during divorce, especially if it is a high-asset split.

Could a stressful marriage lead to depression?

There's no doubt that marriage can be good for your health, but the true reality is that this is probably mostly true only when a marriage is going well. One would imagine that the stress of a bad marriage might have the opposite effect, and recently researchers proved just that.

Puss in Boots actor ends 18-year marriage

Compared to the typical marriage, celebrity marriages don’t seem to do so well, with tons of reports of divorces making the front page each year. Once in a while we hear about long-term marriages among celebrities spanning 15 or even 20 years, but a long-lasting marriage does not always mean a happy marriage.

Should I litigate or settle? PART 2

In our last post, we discussed two avenues of divorce: settlement and litigation. There are a lot of considerations to make when deciding which route to take. As we mentioned previously, time and money are a big consideration, but there are definitely other things to mull over before you make a decision.

Should I litigate or settle? PART 1

On any given day, a lot of people in Florida and across the country are either going through divorce, have just ended the process or are contemplating a split. Although we hear about divorce quite a bit, a lot of people don’t really understand the process fully. Most people will look to the divorce of those they know as an example of what to expect, but as our readers likely understand, every divorce will have its own unique ups and downs.

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