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May 2014 Archives

Man to pay billions to his ex-wife in divorce

Because every marriage has its unique factors, such as the duration, number of children and assets attained, it makes sense that a divorce would be similarly unique. Some divorces may be on the simpler side, with few assets and no children, but many divorces will have some level of complication that will need individualized attention.

What if your ex-spouse wants to travel abroad with your child?

The topic of child custody can be one of the most contentious. Even when parents are relatively amicable, there will likely be some disagreements. This can become even more frustrating when two parents are at odds with each other.

Property division: are your assets liquid?

Although it’s likely one of the more tedious parts of divorce, property division is the component of divorce that is strongly tied to how a person is able to progress financially after the divorce. What a person leaves a marriage with will play a key role in their standard of living in the future.

Can your friend's divorce influence you to split up?

If you ask anyone in Florida who has ever gotten a divorce, they will likely tell you that it is one of the hardest decisions they have ever made. Splitting up a marriage, even when there are no kids involved, is a drastic step that often takes a lot of forethought. A recent study has brought up an interesting question when it comes to the decision-making process of divorce - can that decision be influenced by the relationship status of your friends?

Spitzer divorce shows benefits of prenuptial agreement

The initial perception that some people have of prenuptial agreements is negative. Those people may have the idea that a prenuptial agreement sets you up for failure. While it's understandable why some people may feel that way, the true benefits of a prenup can be seen in real-life examples.

In sickness and in health? Maybe not

Last week we discussed divorce trends among the young and old. While these numbers give us a better understanding of how many people are divorcing, it doesn’t explain why people are doing so. The ‘why’ of divorce is a much trickier question because it varies from couple to couple.

New study may show a clearer picture of divorce PART 2

In our last post we discussed a study from the Minnesota Population Center that may be giving us a clearer understanding of the state of divorce in Florida and across the nation. It gave us a clearer picture of where our older generations are when it comes to divorce, but what about younger individuals?

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