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What not to do in divorce (PART 2)

In our last post we discussed things to avoid doing while going through divorce. Today we’ll continue that topic, concentrating on a few things that may seem minor but can actually have a big negative effect on the divorce process.

For starters, consider keeping to yourself during the process. This means if you have already started a new relationship, don’t discuss it until the divorce is finalized. The same goes for social media. While it may be tempting to air your dirty laundry out in the public forum, it can negatively affect your divorce.

Then there are the don’ts that balance each other. While it’s important to not be selfish during the divorce process, it’s also important to understand what you want and what you are agreeing to. While it really depends on the circumstances of the divorce, there are many Florida divorcees that want the marriage to end amicably and with both individuals feeling satisfied. This may mean trying to find a good balance between give and take. It’s very crucial that you do not accept any decisions that you do not fully understand. This is where a lawyer can play a key role. Ask as many questions as needed so that you feel comfortable when you sign the agreement.

Finally, divorce is the time to move forward. While it’s good to digest what has happened, it’s also very important to start looking toward a happier future. Sometimes the best approach is to forgive your partner, forgive yourself and move on. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Things to Remember When You are Getting a Divorce,” Jim Halfens, Feb. 25, 2014

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