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Is your marriage headed for divorce? Watch for these signs

Marriage rarely comes without its share of fights and rough spots. Some Florida couples are able to navigate out of those rough patches, while others ultimately choose the route of divorce. While some marriages go straight for divorce after a serious event such as infidelity, many marriages slowly fall apart. It's not always possible to pinpoint the exact start of that detachment, but some people believe there are clear signs to watch for that may mean divorce is on the horizon.

Things may be headed that way if communication is highly strained. That may mean one or both spouses are not sharing their feelings or thoughts. This lack of communication can lead to built up stress and resentment. It can also lead a spouse to feel isolated and alone when dealing with marital issues.

Another key indicator is defensiveness. If either spouse is reacting with negative defense tactics, such as stonewalling or criticizing the other person’s beliefs, things are likely to be left unsolved and fester.

Finally, a strong indicator of things to come may be when one spouse starts daydreaming about being single. While married people may have these types of thoughts once in a while during their union, if the thoughts are persistent, there may be a bigger problem. On top of that, if the marriage is lacking intimacy from one or both sides, things can deteriorate quickly.

Sometimes couples are able to navigate their way out of this type of slump, but in many cases couples may decide that the best route is divorce. In the end it’s a very personal choice, but one that should be made with intention and consideration for the future. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “6 Signs Your Marriage Is Headed For Divorce,” Cathy Meyer, Jan. 7, 2014

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