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Stay-at-home parents should consider getting a postnup

In our last post, we covered the topic of prenuptial agreements. This time around, let’s shed some light on postnuptial agreements. Just because you missed the boat on getting a prenup, doesn’t mean you are out of luck. Our lives and marriages are ever-evolving and those changes may warrant the need for a postnuptial agreement.

One possible reason to get a postnuptial agreement is a change in roles within a family. When a parent decides to leave his or her career to be a stay-at-home parent, it may be a good time to consider getting a postnuptial agreement. 

First off, the individual will likely lose their earning power. As a parent takes care of the children, the workforce is ever-changing. Years away from a job can leave one with skills that are either rusty or no longer needed. This is something to take into consideration when writing out an agreement, because a stay-at-home parent in many cases cannot bounce back into the workforce as quickly as they would hope.

Secondly, the years that a parent spends bringing up their children are also often the years during which they have the highest earning potential. A postnuptial agreement may outline how an individual will get compensated for those years if the couple decides to divorce.

Many people know that the topic of money can really strain a marriage. Discussing these issues at a time when the marriage is in a calm, loving place can help strengthen the relationship by getting those tough issues out in the open and eventually out of the way.

Source:, “Do stay-at-home moms need a ‘postnup’?” Jeff Landers, Dec. 18, 2013

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