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January 2014 Archives

What to do before filing for divorce

The decision to divorce may come after years of debating, or it may be a fairly quick choice after a devastating incident such as infidelity. No matter how a person reaches this decision, there are steps that are important to take before actually filing the paperwork.

What to consider when facing a divorce judge

Like marriages, no two Florida divorces are alike. Every split has its unique set of circumstances that can take it down various paths. Some divorce quickly and amicably, while others may face a drawn-out legal battle. It makes sense that the less contentious a divorce is, the less an individual will spend on the proceedings. But as we all know, keeping civil in the middle of this type of emotionally charged process isn't always easy.  If a couple's divorce ends up before a divorce judge, there are several things to keep in mind.

Alimony: not just for women

A man who is receiving alimony said it best: "If you brought value into the relationship, you should be able to take that value out of it." This has been the long-standing motto for women who give up their careers to take care of their children while the husband works. But does it work the same for men?

With Valentine's Day come divorce misconceptions

Before you know it, it'll be Valentine's Day - that yearly holiday that brings chocolate, flowers and a slew of misconceptions about divorced and single people. It's not uncommon for friends or family to get into a "poor you" mentality and try to avoid talking about the holiday with you altogether, but as many divorced people know, being single doesn't mean being sad or lonely.

Relocating with a child after divorce may be challenging

One of the trickier aspects of divorce is child custody. There’s always hope that with a little give and take the couple can figure out a workable plan that benefits the child. That’s the key issue, after all – the best interests of the child. Both sides may have an array of wants, but the most important issue to consider is what the child needs.

Ex-couple fight over alimony payments

Our Fort Lauderdale readers may be interested to hear about a recent feud between a man and his ex-wife that centers around property division and alimony payments. Before getting married, the two signed a prenuptial agreement that excluded inheritances and gifts from division during a divorce. It also excluded any financial growth in any business brought on by their independent efforts.

Prenuptial agreement: a game of give and take

There are many reasons that someone would want to get a prenuptial agreement before marriage, ranging from wanting to protect their property assets to wanting to make sure there are consequences for adultery. Another important reason to consider is the protection of a family business.

Stay-at-home parents should consider getting a postnup

In our last post, we covered the topic of prenuptial agreements. This time around, let’s shed some light on postnuptial agreements. Just because you missed the boat on getting a prenup, doesn’t mean you are out of luck. Our lives and marriages are ever-evolving and those changes may warrant the need for a postnuptial agreement.

How to move on after divorce

Your lawyer has led you through one of the toughest choices in your life -- divorce. Good or bad, things are wrapping up and you are moving forward. Now what? While the legal process may be done, the emotions may linger for quite a while. Thankfully, there are many ways to deal with these emotions. No matter how long a marriage lasted, it can be hard to bounce back from divorce. Fresh out of a split, it may feel like you will never recover, but as many divorced people can attest, most likely, you eventually will.

Divorce comes with a variety of pros and cons

For most people, divorce is not a decision to be made lightly. While those around us may feel we made the decision in haste, they often times do not know the months, or in many cases years, it took to reach that decision. Like all things, divorce brings with it good and bad. If it was all bad, we'd likely see divorce rates dwindle, but year by year, residents in Florida and throughout the country continue to make the hard decision in hopes of a brighter future.

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