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Emotions and expectations: dealing with divorce in your 20s

While some life events, such as having children or buying a retirement home, are often tied to certain age ranges, divorce doesn’t discriminate. It’s a life event that can happen to basically any adults at any stage of their marriage. Is it harder to divorce at 25 or 65? It’s hard to really say. For both old and young, divorce sometimes feels like the end of a certain expectation or dream that a person had for their life.

Recently, a woman who is nearing her 30s discussed her experience with divorce. She made the decision to split at the “ripe old age of 26.” Although the process can be difficult at any age, the woman says people are often shocked or surprised when they find out that she is divorced.

Perhaps it does take a bit of courage to make such a hard decision so early into a marriage, but the woman points out that “nothing lasts forever.” What she means is, although the process can be extremely hard and emotional, the negative feelings associated with the split will not last forever. She said it’s also important to remember that no matter how you feel at the present moment, life will go on without your ex.

This woman’s insight may be something to consider as you go through the process yourself. As you navigate through the complexities of property division, child support and alimony, it may be helpful to remember that all this effort will eventually lead to a better future. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "What It's Like To Be Divorced By 26," Jeanne Goshe, Dec. 1, 2013

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