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Divorce can bring teachable moments for children

As we discussed in our last post, sometimes parents fear bringing up the topic of divorce, especially during the holiday season, because they don't want to disappoint their children. Although divorce can undoubtedly be difficult for children, it can also lead to a lot of positive life lessons.

Through divorce, Florida parents can teach their children the importance of dealing with anger and hurt feelings in a constructive way. Children can benefit from seeing their parents talk calmly and respectfully to each other during the process, as well as being grateful for the things they have. This kind of positivity can rub off on your children and help them to think more positively. They can also benefit from seeing mom and dad deal with their feelings in healthy ways, such as through exercise or by writing their feelings in a journal. 

The decision to divorce can also teach children that sometimes the solution to a hard situation is action. When your kids see you acting proactively, they have the opportunity to eventually mimic that in their life. Also, if you continue to go about your daily activities despite the emotional stress that comes with divorce, children might see the importance of carrying on through difficult times.

Finally, divorce can teach kids that it is okay to seek help. It is a good time to explain that even adults ask for help when they need it. In the case of divorce, that might mean reaching out to attorneys, psychologists or financial planners.

Source: Huffington Post, Divorce As a Teaching Tool, Allison Pescosolido, Nov. 21, 2013

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