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What to consider before discussing a prenuptial agreement

We recently discussed the various common mistakes that can be associated with putting together a prenuptial agreement. Before couples get to the point of having to deal with such problems, they have to actually make the big decision of whether or not to get a prenup. When the time comes to bring up the topic with your partner, it's important to consider a few things.

Even though some lawyers are seeing an increase in prenuptial agreements, that doesn't mean it's an easy topic to discuss. It can be a very sensitive subject because for some individuals, it may be a sign of distrust. The spouse may wonder why you would want a prenuptial agreement if you plan to spend the rest of your life together. When it comes to this topic, every person is different, so it should be approached delicately.

Although it’s not the most romantic topic, it can strengthen your romance. Discussing a prenuptial agreement inevitably leads to discussions of finances and other important topics that will affect the marriage. As hard as it may be to discuss those topics before the wedding bells ring, it may be much harder on the marriage if the discussions are left for later.

Finally, just because a couple discusses having a prenup, doesn’t necessarily mean they will decide to get one. After all, not everyone needs one. Those with few assets before marriage may opt out; on the other hand it may be vital for those going into their second marriage, for older individuals and for people with extensive assets. Of course, even if a couple doesn’t necessarily need a prenup, they may still want one. These are the kinds of considerations that individuals need to think about, as well as discuss with their lawyer, in order to make the right choice for their unique situation.

Source:, “YOUR MONEY-Three things to consider before you ask for a pre-nup,” Geoff Williams, Nov. 27, 2013

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