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Tips on how to stay civil during children's events

For many Fort Lauderdale parents, this is the time of year that is often anxiously awaited - the beginning of the new school year. While the new year brings with it busy kids and a quiet, cleaner house, for a lot of divorced parents, it also brings the inevitable run-ins with the ex-spouse during school events. If the thought of having to sit through another choir concert or parent-teacher conference with your ex brings a wave of stress, there are a few tips that can help parents cope.

A very tactful way to approach the situation is to know your boundaries in terms of communication. The topic of conversation should center on the child's needs and steer clear of personal topics. If those boundaries are crossed, immediate action should be taken. After all, while the two individuals may have had to justify their actions when married, there is no need to do so anymore. Respecting each other's privacy is important in order to keep the lines of communication open.

Although it may be hard to keep emotions out of the picture, try to consider interactions with an ex similar to the interaction one has with a co-worker. Remain respectful and try to communicate your ideas clearly, even if they make your blood boil.

In the end, parents need to concentrate on the best interests of their children. The school year brings a lot of excitement and new opportunities for children of all ages, and that experience should not be overshadowed by bickering parents.

Source: Huffington Post, "How to Deal With Your Ex at Your Children's Special Events," Nancy Kay, Sept. 6 , 2013

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