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George Zimmerman's wife calls it quits

Most Florida divorces thankfully never make headlines. It’s hard enough to go through a divorce surrounded by just family and friends; doing it with the nation watching can seem impossible. Some divorces are thrust into the public arena due to the celebrity status or fame of the individuals involved. A recent case, though, is getting public attention because one of the individuals was involved in a highly publicized criminal case.

Florida residents have likely heard of George Zimmerman. The man could be considered more so infamous than famous for his involvement in the death of a 17-year-old boy. Zimmerman shot the boy as he was walking to a townhouse from a convenience store nearby. Claiming self-defense, Zimmerman was acquitted of the killing in July.

While this decision was likely good news for him, a recent decision made by his wife may not be. In early September the 26-year-old filed for divorce in Florida from Zimmerman, claiming that the trial was too much for their six-year-old marriage.  In the divorce she is asking for equitable distribution of their debts and assets and also wants custody of their two dogs.

Zimmerman reportedly disappeared after the trial and didn’t tell anyone where he was. A friend of the family says this situation made his wife very upset.

Although most Florida couples won’t experience this level of public scrutiny and stress being put on their marriage, every case is individual and often couples reach a breaking point. As the wife’s lawyer points out, in life sometimes a time comes when you just can’t live with a person anymore. In the case of Zimmerman’s wife, “that time is now.”

Source: Reuters, “George Zimmerman’s wife files for divorce in Florida, lawyer says,” Kevin Gray, Sept. 5, 2013 

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