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September 2013 Archives

Prenups help couples set obligations, learn about each other

When people hear about prenuptial agreements, they often automatically think about divorce. Thankfully, one does not usually lead to the other and in many cases, a prenup can be a great way for two individuals to learn more about each other as well as set clear obligations. Doing this may be just what the doctor ordered for a long, healthy marriage.

George Zimmerman's wife calls it quits

Most Florida divorces thankfully never make headlines. It’s hard enough to go through a divorce surrounded by just family and friends; doing it with the nation watching can seem impossible. Some divorces are thrust into the public arena due to the celebrity status or fame of the individuals involved. A recent case, though, is getting public attention because one of the individuals was involved in a highly publicized criminal case.

Woman asks ex to pay for freezing, storing eggs

Alimony is an ever-changing concept in Florida and across the United States. It’s no wonder that lawyers constantly have to keep up with the latest trends in family law in order to reach the best outcome for their client. A recent case coming out of another state has brought up yet another issue that lawyers may be seeing more and more in their practice – alimony for eggs.

Telling children the 'why' of divorce

For divorcing parents, one of the hardest things to do is to tell their children the marriage is over. While many parents see divorce as a change in the family dynamic, children may feel that it is the end of family altogether. Because of children’s tendency to internalize these types of life-changing events, many parents worry about how to discuss the topic without causing further damage to their children.

Divorcing after decades of marriage

There are likely as many reasons for divorce as there are residents in Fort Lauderdale, if not more. Every couple have a unique set of circumstances that may one day lead to divorce. When young couples divorce, oftentimes people can understand why – in many cases the first years of marriage can be the most difficult because both individuals have to learn to combine their lives in a cohesive way. But in situations where a pair has been together for decades, the decision to divorce may not only blindside those who know them – it may also blindside the spouse that isn’t initiating the divorce.

Tips on how to stay civil during children's events

For many Fort Lauderdale parents, this is the time of year that is often anxiously awaited - the beginning of the new school year. While the new year brings with it busy kids and a quiet, cleaner house, for a lot of divorced parents, it also brings the inevitable run-ins with the ex-spouse during school events. If the thought of having to sit through another choir concert or parent-teacher conference with your ex brings a wave of stress, there are a few tips that can help parents cope.

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