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South Florida Family Law Blog: Senior Divorce - No Minor Kids, No Problems? Boomers Facing Divorce Still Must Navigate Issues

At The Law Offices of B. Finkel P.A., we're not just family law attorneys and divorce lawyers. We're long-time residents of the South Florida community. We've watched our friends and their families grow older. One of the pleasures of a married couple growing older is growing old together. The kids grow up and the couple becomes empty-nesters. There's more time to travel, bond or just spend alone with each other.

Yet, for many older or even senior couples, this milestone invites its own change. They grow apart. One spouse or the other - or both - find they'd like to explore a new direction in life.

This is not uncommon. And while unencumbered by the issues of child support, timesharing, custody or parenting plans, other issues come to bear. For example...

- If one spouse - let's say the wife - left her career to stay home and raise the family, while the other spouse became the breadwinner, she will be entitled to a certain level of alimony along with equitable distribution of assets. While Florida is debating alimony reform, the situation still remains that negotiations will determine how much the breadwinner will pay to the other spouse.

- If over the course of the marriage the parties acquire assets, regardless of how they are titled, attorneys and even forensic accountants will need to review documents to see how to value then equitably divide and distribute those assets as well. Asset division is not that hard; valuing assets may be difficult.

- If one or both spouses own a business that could affect taxable income and division of assets. While courts generally don't divide businesses, it's an asset with value. What's more, if one spouse owns a business, the other may seek indemnification in case the owner under-reported income, misstated earnings, or took improper deductions reflected on tax returns filed jointly during the course of the marriage.

When you remove the children's issues, baby boomer or senior divorce still requires the counsel and guidance of a skilled family law attorney

The Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel P.A., handles complex divorce litigation for a variety of clients at every stage of life - including empty-nest and retired high net worth individuals. As a divorce and family law firm, the practice serves the needs of the entire family. Established in Fort Lauderdale / Broward County, Florida, in 1992, and now in Boca Raton, the firm's lawyers provide trusted matrimonial counsel to clients facing turbulent times and unsettling circumstances. For a consultation or to schedule an appointment, please call 954-776-1414.

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