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January 2013 Archives

With South Florida Spring Break and Summer Vacation Approaching, Divorced Parents Must Make Travel Plans Soon, Fort Lauderdale Family Law Attorney Advises

Spring break and summer vacation are big holiday travel times for South Florida families - including those facing or with settled divorces. Depending on what parenting plan and a time-sharing schedule for minor children stipulate as far as each parent's travel schedules, it's never too soon to approach the other parent to plan a vacation getaway.

South Florida Family Law Attorney: Hefty 'Infidelity Clause' Penalties Not Uncommon; Proving 'Affairs' a Challenge

Tiger Woods is attempting to win back ex-wife Elin Nordegren with a $200 million prenuptial agreement, according to news reports. She reportedly countered, demanding an infidelity clause with a $350 million penalty should he stray. Though Woods had sought reconciliation in March 2010 - months after news broke of his numerous extramarital affairs - this time he appears serious, at least according to news reports.

Why Timesharing / Custody Agreements Are Vital to Successful Post-Divorce Parenting

Any South Florida family law attorney or couples seeking separation or divorce who read a recent article in the Huffington Post would have been aghast at the tale. A divorced couple who shared custody of their son did so without any formal timesharing agreement. They agreed the son would live with his Mom, and spend time with his father in California. Then, following one trip west, the father informed the mother that he and his new wife thought they were better suited to serve the boy's needs. He called her unfit and claimed sole custody.

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