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Key to a friendly Florida divorce could be mediation

Sometimes a marriage just doesn't work out. You still have great respect for each other. You want to work together to co-parent amicably. You are great friends, but just not great partners. Why should your divorce be a battle then?

It doesn't have to be. Divorce mediation is an option.

Splitting retirement accounts? Get help with the details

For some divorcing couples in Florida and around the country, figuring out how to divide retirement accounts is one of the toughest decisions to make.

If you don't do it right, it can result in financial losses in money going to taxes and penalties.

How is child support calculated in divorce?

One issue that often gets overlooked during divorce is child support. All too often, bickering parents expect for the courts to take their side and award them the amount they feel they deserve in child support, not realizing there are specific factors taken into consideration. 

Divorce does not sever parental responsibilities unless there is a need to. Child support is a monetary award that requires the other parent to contribute financially to the care and support of her or his children. Calculating child support is not always easy and is usually quite complex. It is essential for you to understand the basics to avoid surprises when the courts rule on your divorce case. 

Ex-baseball star wants reduction in child, spousal support

When a high-asset couple divorces, sometimes a major drop in one spouse's income means the spouse can no longer pay the agreed-upon child and spousal support income. One high-profile case dealing with just that scenario is making news in Florida. While most people don't have this kind of money, the principle still applies in other case.

The case is evolving between retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez, a resident of Coral Gables, and his former wife. The two share two daughters, ages 13 and 10.

What not to post on Facebook during your divorce

The ability to share your experiences and seek advice in times of trouble are among the biggest lures of social media.

However, if you hope to avoid a lot of conflict in your divorce and work through things in an amicable manner, there are some things you definitely don't want to do on Facebook (or any other social media site) during your divorce.

The team approach to a collaborative law divorce

In many cases, couples seeking a collaborative law divorce are able to accomplish all of their goals without bringing in outside team members. In these divorces, the couple and their individual attorneys work together to sever marital ties in a way that is fair to both spouses. Other times, couples may choose to take a team approach to the collaborative law divorce process.

Our attorneys want couples in Florida to understand that there is no right or wrong approach to collaborative divorce. As long as each spouse is committed to the process and to the fair treatment of one another, they typically succeed in meeting their goals. However, for those considering the team approach, we want to give you two examples of team members to consider.

Can a postnuptial agreement make property division easier?

For several years, postnuptial agreements have become increasingly popular in Florida and other states. Couples decide to enter into these agreements for several reasons. In some cases, they may be experiencing marital trouble and want the agreement to set forth each spouse' duties and obligations. Other times, couples want a postnuptial agreement in place to assist with property division in case divorce or separation becomes a reality.

When drafted properly, these agreements work well in helping couples make it through the property division stage of divorce with as little conflict as possible. However, it is crucial to create the agreement correctly if you want to make sure it is enforceable. As you might expect, the division of property is one of the most complicated aspects of divorce law, especially for couples with valuable assets.

The rise of gray divorce

Many people tend to associate divorce with younger couples who cannot make a marriage last beyond a few years. However, a number of baby boomers have begun to file for divorce when they are in their 50s and 60s. Psychologists and legal professionals refer to this as "gray divorce."

It is important for couples of any age to recognize when a relationship no longer functions in a healthy manner. A gray divorce can bring about certain complications because both partners have likely accumulated more assets, but there is much to anticipate. 

Is it possible to appeal a divorce decree?

Unfortunately, many of life's most important events do not work out in a way that serves everyone's best interests. Divorce is one of these life events that could resolve in a manner that seems unfair to one spouse. Taking a different approach such as divorce mediation can help both spouses reach a fair agreement. However, even this solution may not work in the best interests of one divorcing party.

Most people think that once they receive a divorce decree, there is nothing that can be done to alter the final order. In some cases, this may be true, but other times, it might be possible to make some changes. In Florida and other states, you might be eligible to appeal a divorce order. While this might sound like good news, you must understand that it can be extremely difficult to appeal a judge's decision.

Should you involve your children in divorce mediation?

The subject of whether to involve children in divorce mediation is quite controversial, especially now that families have so many different parenting styles. As attorneys, we would never attempt to advise our blog readers on this topic, because we have not met them face-to-face. As such, we have no idea if their kids are mature and emotionally healthy enough to participate.

What we can do is offer Florida residents our perspective on this and other important family law topics. First, we urge all divorcing parents in the state to seek personalized, professional advice before bringing kids into the divorce mediation process. This means speaking in-depth with your attorney about the possibility of involving your children. After hearing your story, your lawyer will have insight into your family dynamic and your children, which will enable him or her to offer your family educated advice.

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