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Cryptocurrency issues starting to creep into American divorces

It's easy to go to the ATM, enter your card and learn your bank balance. It's a whole other thing to figure out where your spouse might be keeping cryptocurrency - a digital asset, such as bitcoin - and how to access it.

But that's just the position some high-asset divorcing spouses find themselves in: trying to gain their share of joint money their soon-to-be ex has squirreled away digitally.

Divorce mediation helps couples resolve many issues

Many Florida couples approaching the end of marriage tend to view divorce mediation as a fad or a trend. They may not understand the many benefits this way of ending a marriage offers. Quick examples of these benefits include less conflict for parents and kids, affordable costs and a faster overall resolution.

Those that have heard about divorce mediation may believe that it is only an option for childless couples or couples with no real assets. We want you to know that this is a fallacy. Mediation can work especially well when a couple has children and for high-asset marriages in which the two spouses are willing to cooperate. Mediation does not simply end a marital relationship; it aids couples in resolving sensitive issues that arise when divorcing.

Mediation, collaborative divorce make your split less acrimonious

After much counseling, conversation and consideration, you and your spouse have decided to divorce.

You made the decision jointly. And despite what you might see on television - acrimony and bitterness in divorce - it doesn't have to be that way.

How to bring up a prenup conversation

Many couples want a prenup before tying the knot. It can make a possible divorce much simpler. Numerous couples, including those with billions of dollars, still do not consider the benefits. 

One major reason why a lot of couples marry without a prenup is that it is a difficult conversation to have. Discussing a prenup involves discussing what will happen if the marriage ends, which a lot of people do not want to think about before the wedding. It is a tough but essential conversation to have, and here are some ways to make that task easier. 

Tax returns can reveal if your spouse is taking money pre-divorce

If you think your spouse might be squirreling away money to keep it from you in a divorce, there's one place you can look for a number of clues: your tax returns.

Take, for instance, the story of a retired accountant who had made hundreds of thousands of dollars in estimated tax payments. Curious about the status of their tax returns, his wife got a history of their tax account from the Internal Revenue Service.

Protect your Florida business in the case of divorce

You're getting married soon. Amid all the planning - the venue, the guest list, even the color of napkins at the reception - don't forget one thing: An agreement that will protect your thriving Florida business.

Your soon-to-be spouse probably helps you out with the business. You appreciate that and don't want to shut them out should you ever divorce. Still, it makes sense to protect yourself - just in case.

Baseball player appealing order he says amounts to palimony

Typically, we use this space to discuss various topics related to divorces of high-earning spouses. However, there is a family law case pending in the Florida courts that involves a multimillionaire athlete and the woman whose two children he fathered that has elements involved in many divorces.

Miguel Cabrera plays for the Detroit Tigers and formerly played in Miami for the Marlins. He has admitted to being involved in a secret, extramarital relationship with a Florida woman for several years.

How to ask for a collaborative divorce

If this is your first experience asking for a divorce, you may feel intense dread. After all, the unknown is frightening territory. Even if you are in your second or third marriage, asking for a divorce can still be daunting. Each experience is unique to the situation and the couple.

Perhaps deciding on divorce has been a long, emotional road. Now that you are sure, you may have to share the unwelcome news with a spouse who has no idea you feel this way—or how your marriage is about to go sideways.

Have you made your Florida business divorce-proof?

You're working really hard to build your business from the ground up in Florida. You're putting in long days and sweat equity to make it a successful venture. Your spouse doesn't want anything to do with the business, so you have been on your own.

But have you made that business divorce-proof? Even if your spouse hasn't contributed to growing the business, it could be considered marital property if you split up.

Divorce mediation worth exploring

Marriages don't have to end the way divorce is portrayed in the movies. There doesn't have to be one partner throwing the other's stuff out the window. Or worse yet, threatening to withhold the children from the other. There are ways to split-up under civil circumstances and move on without litigation.

It's through mediation, and it's something Florida residents do every day. Good candidates for mediation include spouses who want to maintain a friendly environment for their children and those who have agreed on most issues, such as a division of property. But just how does it work?

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