Time Sharing/Custody

In three decades of family law practice, this office has seen a dramatic shift in the way divorce courts handle child custody. In divorce cases years ago, it was assumed by the courts and couples that a "primary residential parent" - often the mother - would gain custody of the children. Commonly called the "Tender Years Doctrine," it was presumed that young children were best cared for by their mothers, as the father of the nuclear family served as the primary bread-winner.

Times have changed. More women work outside the home. Florida law now prohibits that presumption. Now, parents and their family law attorneys negotiate time-sharing agreements and parenting plans. Today, 50-50 time-sharing is becoming the norm, and courts take a position of shared responsibility, unless either party can prove good reason to the contrary.

The Law Firm of Barry I. Finkel P.A., is skilled at working with clients - the father or the mother - the ensure the best interests of the child are maintained. We are committed to helping parents navigate the divorce process, while ensuring that their rights are represented and the best interests of the children are vigorously protected.

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