Seeking To Properly Divide Debts In A Divorce

After a couple has spent years or decades building their wealth, it is not uncommon that they have also acquired numerous debts and liabilities along the way. When divorce becomes a reality, it is not only important to find a compromise in dividing assets – but to also find an effective solution to manage debt.

At the Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel, P.A., we have more than 50 years of combined experience guiding clients through the complexities of divorce. In communities throughout the Tri-County area, we are proud to represent our Florida clients as they face many elements of divorce including child support, child custody, asset division, debt division or post-decree modifications.

What Can Be Done To Divide Debt?

When negotiating the numerous financial adjustments necessary to dissolve a marriage, couples must take special care to address liabilities as well as assets. Florida's standard of an "equitable distribution" applies not only to marital assets, but also the debts that a couple has amassed over the years. Unfortunately, assets and debts can often be intertwined, and it is necessary to determine who benefited from the debt. The division of car loans or mortgages after divorce can be challenging.

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