Representing Clients In Paternity Actions

Paternity actions aren't just a complication for athletes or celebrities. Paternity actions can also result from relationships between unmarried individuals or extramarital affairs. They can lead to complex claims ranging from the biological father's legal rights, the mother's expectations of child support or other financial assistance, the husband's role or responsibility for the child's upbringing, and general conflicts surrounding these and other issues.

While the law is constantly evolving regarding paternity, in recent years the trend has been to treat children in paternity cases no differently than a child in a divorce action. It's presumed that the mother is the guardian in a paternity case. The only issues generally are determining the biological father, his legal and financial responsibilities, and any rights he may wish to assert regarding his relationship to the child.

Once paternity is established, the mother can seek child support. The father can seek a time-sharing agreement, visitation rights or the establishment of a parenting plan.

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