Following The Child Support Guidelines

As divorce settlements go, child support is generally not a variable up for negotiation or open to discussion. Driven by state-mandated guidelines, the needs of the children generally are firmly protected.

This is based primarily on what the pattern of spending and lifestyle has been like during the marriage. If a certain lifestyle was maintained and remains reasonably affordable, courts often seek continuity and normalcy.

Where discretion may be given relates to out-of-pocket expenses. Parents often disagree on high-ticket expenses, like the continuation of or enrollment in private school, attendance at summer or "sleep-away" camp, or children's travel — especially as, in most cases, two households now will be supported by the same relative income.

Even overnight stays have become a point of contention. The more overnights a parent has with the child or children, the less child support that parent pays. Some parents seek to host more overnights, so as to reduce child support they pay.

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