Protecting Our Clients' Best Interests In Divorce

In the often contentious and complex world of family law and divorce, alimony is among the most unpredictable issues. In South Florida courts, two judges or magistrates can hear the same set of facts — and arrive at two different rulings. Some judges support continuing "the lifestyle the wife has grown accustomed to living in." Other judges believe that lifestyle no longer should be a superfactor in determining alimony. It's a huge "X Factor" that can drive the case and its outcome.

With such unpredictability, and a trend away from permanent alimony that once had one spouse — generally the husband — paying the other spouse alimony until one died, the issue of alimony remains complex.

When choosing a family law or divorce attorney, it is critical to find counsel who understands the emerging legal trends, established case law, and precedents that are leading down the path toward guidelines that can be expected and even planned for.

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