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Plan for your divorce mediation proceedings

We recently discussed the differences between litigation and mediation. If you recall, mediation is a process that is often faster and less costly. The sacrifice that you have to make when you do this is that you will have to work with your ex to come up with the terms of the divorce.

Differences between meditation and litigation in divorce

Couples headed for divorce in Fort Lauderdale should know the options they have for coming to an agreement on their terms. There are two main routes a couple can take when it comes to getting divorced; litigation and mediation. Both processes should involve the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney in order to ensure fairness for both parties.

Divorce mediation can help divide a couple's debt

Divorce can be one of the most emotional events in a person's life, even if he or she realized the marriage was over years ago. For some, divorce is inevitable. For others, it can be a difficult decision to come to, but necessary. When divorce happens, a couple will need to figure out how to divide their debt. Here's how divorce mediation can help.

How a mediated divorce helps children

If a divorcing couple is able to work together well enough to choose mediation for their divorce rather than both hiring attorneys and possibly even ending up in court, it's the best choice for many reasons. Mediation can save money and time. It also allows couples more control over the ultimate outcome.

Retirement outlook for many people muddled by divorce

The retirement outlook for many people is muddled by divorce, according to an ongoing study by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America called "Women, Money and Power." The study has focused on women and divorce and so far has found that the majority of respondents who have gone through divorce say that it has created a financial problem.

How to avoid common divorce disasters

Divorce is a word thousands of people utter each year. It is a word many don't ever want to hear their significant others say. But, it is a sad part of life. With so many marriages ending in divorce, one can only prepare for this life event by trying to limit or avoid disasters that could arise.

How to avoid the financial challenges of divorce

Divorce, even when uncontested, is never easy. Couples that realize their marriage can no longer survive will ultimately file for divorce, even if they still have a love for each other. Divorce does not have to be as financially challenging as some make it out to be. In fact, there are ways to avoid the financial challenges of getting divorced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Florida man back in jail for failing to pay child support

A Florida man is back in jail for failing to pay child support. The man, 46, lives with his mother in the Village of Tall Trees. He is back in jail after voluntarily calling the Sumter County Sheriff's office to inform them of an arrest warrant he was issued for overdue child support.

Explaining divorce mediation in Florida

Divorce has become commonplace in Florida these days, with thousands of couples ending their marriages each year. Not all divorces will end amicably, with both parties agreeing right down the line on everything proposed by either spouse. When the arguments and disagreements occur, it can be downright difficult to come to terms on the divorce. Your last resort will be divorce mediation.

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