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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Complex Divorce Blog

Retirement outlook for many people muddled by divorce

The retirement outlook for many people is muddled by divorce, according to an ongoing study by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America called "Women, Money and Power." The study has focused on women and divorce and so far has found that the majority of respondents who have gone through divorce say that it has created a financial problem.

The study has found that 64 percent admit the aforementioned problem and that 59 percent admitted that losing their spouse due to divorce was a wakeup call about their financial situation.

How to resolve family conflict

Family conflicts can be devastating if left to fester. When family members cannot work out their differences, issues can boil to the surface and lead to massive fights. Many family conflicts occur after the death of a parent, a divorce or other life changing event. Here are some tips for resolving family conflict in Florida.

One of the most important tips is to stop throwing stones in an argument with your family. It's time to take a hard look at the issue at hand, not the people involved. When you are able to do this, the conflict will begin to resolve itself and with less animosity.

Florida Supreme Court rules on marriage property dispute

The Florida Supreme Court recently issued an opinion on a case involving marriage property dispute. The ruling is awaiting final decision. The court ruled that there was intent of action by the husband in the divorce of a couple that married in 1987 and filed for divorce in 2010.

In the case, the court ruled that the husband intended to give his wife premarital property in a divorce dispute and that he intended to give them as interspousal gifts even though there were prenuptial agreements in place.

The benefits of mediation

If the relationship between you and your ex-spouse is not especially acrimonious, you may want to consider taking part in mediation as opposed to a traditional courtroom divorce. Mediation occurs when you and your soon-to-be former spouse sit down with an unbiased third party in a private location to hash out issues and allocate assets. Rather than act as a judge, the mediator is there to offer impartial guidance and assist you and the other party as you plan for your lives apart from one another.  

Mediation offers many benefits in addition to keeping your divorce out of a courtroom setting. Some of the benefits of mediation include:

How to determine the value of artwork

Art valuation is a specific subset of financial valuation. It is the process of estimating the market value of artwork. Most artwork undergoes valuation prior to a divorce or complex division of property. Artwork valuation is done using resources from private collectors, auction houses, corporate collectors, gallery owners, curators and consultants.

Aside from preparing for divorce, art valuation is also done for the following:

How to avoid common divorce disasters

Divorce is a word thousands of people utter each year. It is a word many don't ever want to hear their significant others say. But, it is a sad part of life. With so many marriages ending in divorce, one can only prepare for this life event by trying to limit or avoid disasters that could arise.

In a large majority of marriages, one spouse runs the household finances instead of both being involved. If your marriage is headed for divorce, learn how to handle household finances as much as you can before it goes final. This will put you at an advantage when you are on your own.

New set of rules introduced for Florida family law court

A new set of rules and procedures has been introduced for Florida family law court by the Florida Supreme Court. The rules created are aimed at simplifying the various processes of family law in the state. They also created new procedures and rules for issues brought in front of family court.

Multiple newly created forms were also released by the Family Law Rules Committee and subsequently approved by the Full Rules Committee and the Florida Bar Board of Governors.

Protecting your child’s 529 account in your divorce

Your impending divorce may have you counting the years that you will be receiving child support for your teen. That same number typically also indicates the amount of time you have left to build your child’s 529 college savings account. While planning for college can be tricky enough for a couple with a combined income, putting back enough money as a single parent may be much more challenging. Your teen’s future may depend on whether you and the other parent can work together.

Keeping the money safe

How is grey divorce different from traditional divorce?

When a couples who are later in life choose to divorce, the process presents specific complications that younger divorcing couples may not need to consider. So called "grey divorce" refers to divorces between spouses who are about 65 years old or older, and requires special consideration from all parties involved to ensure a fair, tenable settlement.

While it is relatively common for spouses to put off divorce until their children are out of the house, this usually entails divorcing somewhere in your fifties. When couples wait until their sixties or later to divorce, there is much less time to build up individual resources to keep your retirement secure and also afford single life. Especially for many women who wait until their sixties to divorce, they may experienced great difficulty re-entering the workforce if they spent the better part of the last thirty or forty years in the home.

How to avoid the financial challenges of divorce

Divorce, even when uncontested, is never easy. Couples that realize their marriage can no longer survive will ultimately file for divorce, even if they still have a love for each other. Divorce does not have to be as financially challenging as some make it out to be. In fact, there are ways to avoid the financial challenges of getting divorced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

One of the biggest financial challenges of divorce is maintaining the lifestyle you became accustomed to while married. Some divorced people can continue to live the same lifestyle if they were awarded alimony for such a reason. But, for those who were not awarded alimony or whose alimony expired, this can become a problem. Money will become tight and might run out in due time. One way to avoid this is to live within your means. This is done by saving between 10 and 15 percent of your income and using the remainder to purchase essentials such as food, clothing, rent or pay for medical bills and other items.

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